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  1. Dear Anne and Gray
    I love all of this on the computer. You come at a time when I am just digging out of a deep hole following my husbands death 3 years ago now. I am experiencing new beginnings in several areas of my life and feeling him with me.
    In looking at some of the things on your sites, I see about feeding the hungry. This is something I have done a lot of in the past and would love to do again. My favorite way to do it is anonymously. I get it to you or someone in the church who takes it to those who need it. from the church. I do any meal to serve any number usually with leftovers for another meal. Wasteful though it may be I use aluminum containers with lids so there is no worry about getting the dishes back.

    And here is a secret. We have been called in the middle of the night for someone needing a place to sleep. We feel that God gave us this house to use for Him and His people. One evening a lady called and said that the minister of the church across the street from us said to call us about a teenager who needed a home that night. Our prayer group was meeting at our house and I asked them what they thought. Their answer in unison was “Your prayers have been answered” We never know what God’s plan is for us. Often an amazing surprise. I feel that there is an amazing surprise ahead for me at PCW. It’s the church I grew up in and left. I rejoined with my husband after God made it so clear that it was His plan.
    I hope to be involved there in many ways as I was before Bill’s final illness and death..
    I have been a deacon, managed the kitchen and been wedding coordinator. I have loved all these ministrys (especially weddings) and look forward to what God has next for me. I’d love to sing in the choir but I can’t sing well at all. Singing the Messiah every year in college I was not one of the ones to be told to not sing – just mouth the words. but it takes me more like a semester than a week to get it right.
    Blessings to you,

    1. Thank you Roberta! We hope to see you on Sept 13th just across the street from your home.

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