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We are hiring an Office Administrator

PCW is hiring an Office Administrator. 

This hourly and non-exempt position is scheduled to work 30-32 hours per week establishing the business hours of the church office from Monday through Friday.  The exact start and end time of each day are negotiable during the hiring process.  It is important to be in the office to greet and direct visitors as well as work collaboratively with the staff members and volunteers. This is not a remote job. The church hours are flexible, but once established should remain consistent and published so that people know when they can expect the office to be open. The Office Administrator will report to the co-pastors and will attend weekly staff meetings as a member of the staff.

Position Overview

The Office Administrator runs the church office in a manner that creates a well-run and pleasant work environment for the staff, volunteers and members.  This person is often the first contact at the church, so being friendly and able to see phone calls and drop-ins as integral to the job and not an unwanted interruption will be important. This role allows all the church’s ministries to function smoothly. 

Qualities of the Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate will have a positive attitude, be attentive to detail, be organized, be an excellent proofreader, and a team player.  They will be able to work collaboratively with other church staff including the pastors, Director of Music, organist,  Director of Faith Formation, Facility Manager and volunteer leaders to create materials and content to facilitate church activities.  They should be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, all Google Cloud applications including email, calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides.  They should be proficient or quick to learn Marq, a cloud based alternative to InDesign. They should have ease in logging into software programs and online accounts of various kinds. Data entry and data management is expected as a regular part of the job. Being able to support the mission and vision of the ministry, “Learning Together to be Followers of Jesus Christ, Reflecting God’s Light Into the World,” is a requirement. 

Specific Tasks of the Position

Office Management

  • Be a welcoming presence and typically the first point of contact during regular office hours
  • Answer phone calls and buzz people into the building
  • Meet daily with one or both pastors to review deliverables and priorities
  • Maintain church calendar and oversee building scheduling online
  • Coordinate building event set up and tear down with the Facility Manager
  • Maintain and update church database (currently use Breeze software)
  • Maintain office and kitchen supplies by ordering, receiving and keeping organized for general church use
  • Receive, organize and place other deliveries in intended spots
  • Oversee use and repair of the copier and other office equipment
  • Maintain general order and tidiness in the office and shared church spaces such as the copy room, library and small group gathering rooms
  • Develop good relationships with church volunteers and coordinate volunteer help in the church office
  • Work well with the preschool school staff and be able to direct preschool school parents  


  • Create weekly worship bulletins and occasional funeral/special service bulletins (in Marq) 
  • Format and distribute weekly E-news using ConstantContact
  • Publish and distribute/mail newsletter, online and print (4 times a year)
  • Gather content from staff and volunteer leaders; edit, format, proofread 
  • Work with volunteers to get print copies in mail
  • Create the annual report and annual stewardship campaign materials collaborating with church staff and committee chairs

Financial Record Keeping and Reporting Tasks

  • Track congregant giving in Breeze
  • Prepare and issue charitable giving tax statements (automated through Breeze)
  • Ensure timely payment of accounts payable
  • Ensure that necessary insurance (property, officer’s liability insurance with indemnification, etc.) is in place and reviewed/maintained
  • Process payroll 2x monthly
  • Serve as Liaison to Board of Pensions

Physical Requirements

Must be able to easily use and maintain typical office equipment such as a computer and copier.  Must have the strength and agility to lift and carry boxes of supplies that may weigh 25-30 pounds.  Quickly navigate around the building.

To avoid a dual relationship, Presbyterian Church of Wyoming members are not eligible for this position.

To apply please send resume and cover letter to

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