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Meet the Marshall Family – Gray, Anne, Henry and Simon

We are extremely excited to let you know that after many hours of prayer for each other and our congregation, study, listening to sermons and interviews with candidates, the PNC has extended a call to a clergy couple, Rev. Dr. Anne Marshall and Rev. Gray Marshall and they have accepted. We would like to give you some information about them for your consideration and prayer.

When working as a clergy couple there are many advantages. More quality work is accomplished because two people are sharing the job. They are able to delineate tasks based on their individual gifts. Because they have different ministry styles you can pick who you want to talk to. The flexibility of the pastoral schedule allows them to cover for each other and allows them to be more involved. Even when one person is officially on duty if the other is present, they are likely to be also doing ministry.

SHE: Rev. Dr. Anne Marshall

Education: Doctor of Ministry from the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia; Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Christian Education from Union Seminary and Presbyterian School of Christian Education; and a Bachelors of Arts from Ohio State University.

Continuing Education:
Pastoring the Multi-Racial Church, Synod of Lakes and Prairies Synod School; Accomplish: How Your Congregation Learns to Do New Things at The Center for Congregations in Indianapolis; Next Church National Gathering; PC(USA) Church Transformation and Growth Conference; The Young Clergy Women Project Conference; The Spirit of Transformation: Developing Capacity in your Congregation at the Center for Congregations in Indianapolis.

Current Work Experience:
She currently works as Director of Contextual and Experiential Formation at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus, OH. She was previously Solo Pastor at a 160 member small city Presbyterian Church.

HE: Rev. James Gray Marshall

Education:Masters of Divinity, Union Presbyterian Seminary; B.A. Philosophy, Summa cum laude, Christopher Newport University.

Continuing Education:
“Lost Language of the Soul: Union-PSCE; “Vital signs of the Small Church”, Union-PSCE; Synod of Lincoln Trails New Pastor Support Program; PCUSA Company of New Pastors; Evangelism and Growth Conference, PC (USA) National Conference, Church Transformation Track; NEXT Church National Gather; CREDO 62 conference, Rosalyn Conference Center; Synod School, Synod of Lakes and Prairies.

Current Work Experience:
He is currently serving as Installed Head of Staff at First Presbyterian Church of Washington Courthouse, OH; Previous experience as Solo Pastor, Full-time volunteer at a Homeless Shelter, and Ministry Intern.

Bad Calvinists Podcast 

Anne – Until recently, Anne’s hobbies included listening to podcasts on her commute and regular MommaStrong workouts at home. She is looking forward to the opportunity to develop real hobbies in Wyoming and return to things like yoga, hiking, and board games. Her favorite foods are anything that someone else cooks, but she especially enjoys ice cream and ethnic foods of all kinds.

Gray – In his free time, Gray likes making short funny bowling videos and collecting likes on Facebook. He is part of a ministry related podcast called The Bad Calvinists that you can check out on your favorite podcast app or His favorite food is sushi.

Henry will be seven in July and will be entering 2nd grade. He likes Animal Crossing, Minecraft, and Pokémon. He can be a little shy at first, but once he warms up, he’s ready to play. His favorite food is chocolate ice cream.

Simon is four. When he grows up he want to first be a fire fighter, then a construction worker, then a pastor, then a music director. His favorite treat is sour patch kids. We are working through some food allergy issues with Simon, so please don’t give him any food without checking in with Anne or Gray first.

During quarantine we have enjoyed going on family hikes and movie nights with popcorn. We look forward to learning about all your favorite “Safer at Home” activities in Wyoming as well as the best places to visit when things start opening up.

Why they have been selected:
Our PNC found that they met all ten of our leadership qualities. They each had pastoral experience, leadership competencies and unique skill sets that make them the best fit for our Church.

They have exhibited the ability to coach, train and equip staff and lay-leaders, teach and provide spiritual mentorship, and lead the process of revitalization.

Their sermons are Biblically based and confidently delivered. “They focus on the scripture for the day, help the congregation understand its context and are able to help folks discern a response to the scriptural mandate… Both are careful, thoughtful and creative worship planners: they use a variety of resources and are not afraid to try new things in worship as well as honoring a congregation’s traditions.” (From a reference contacted by our group.)

We feel that they are both spiritually mature leaders and will be able to build bridges and motivate PCW toward healing and growth.

When the corona virus restrictions have been lifted and he can share with his congregation in person that he has accepted a new call, we will celebrate their acceptance of our call and invite them to PCW to preach.

In the meantime please pray for God’s guidance in how these servants of God will be presented to our church. Pray for our church to have a supernatural unity in their call to our church (1 Cor. 1:10); Acts 2:1).   Pray for god’s strength and guidance in his former church.

Pray for a sense of love and unity among all of our members. Lord empower us to love one another with a patient, forbearing love (John 13:34; 17:21)

Our new pastors’ ministry will only be as successful as the prayer and congregational support that fuels it!!!

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