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Maintenance Manager

Job Title: Maintenance Manager

Reports To: The Business Manager & Senior Pastors (Heads of Staff), also indirectly to the Session via both the Personnel Chairperson and the Property Chairperson

Position Status: Full Time

The Maintenance Manager is responsible for the overall maintenance and operation of all church facilities, in order to provide a physical environment suitable for all the varied activities of the church, its organizations and of related groups.


• Keep the premises, furniture and equipment clean and in good working order. This includes the church itself, the adjacent “Healing Space”, the surrounding grounds and parking lot. Special attention should be given to keeping the meeting areas of the church clean and sanitized as is required to meet current Covid-19 protocols. Grounds maintenance includes (with the assistance of volunteer Church members) mowing and edging, keeping shrubs and bushes trimmed and beds mulched, with leaf raking when necessary.

• Maintain the mechanical/electrical systems. Keeping the facility infrastructure in good repair, including but not limited to the HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire/security systems, elevator, sound/video systems, and computer network, enlisting outside contractors when required. This involves changing light bulbs and filters, interior plaster repair and painting, as well as minor plumbing, furniture and equipment repair. It is expected that the Property Manager would have his/her own tools (as may be needed to supplement tools owned by the church) to perform these tasks and be able to climb stairs/ladders and do moderate lifting of furniture, equipment and supplies.

• Insure a safe and secure environment. Make sure that doors are locked/unlocked at the proper times, including for morning worship services on Sunday. Duties involve coordinating, with the assistance of the Business Manager, the use of various rooms for various events.

• Room Setup and Special Events. In addition to having the church ready for Sunday morning services, the Property Manager is responsible for the setup of the “Great Room” and other meeting spaces for scheduled events and meetings. This would include special events such as weddings, funerals and other weekend/evening events. It would also include, from time to time, providing a “quick, Covid-19 appropriate” sanitization of certain “high touch” areas such as restrooms between uses of various meeting spaces. If additional hours are required for setup/clean up then additional compensation will be provided. When possible, the weekly work schedule will be adjusted to cover these activities.

• Provide special assistance/service to “Lads and Lassies Preschool” as needed. This would include oversight of contractors providing “deep cleaning” their space, including floors on a weekly basis.

• Maintain and setup amenities as applicable for the conduct of worship, Christian education, meeting and other appropriate activities. This would include maintaining cleaning supplies and paper products for the kitchen and restrooms, including hand soap, air fresheners and paper towels as well as insuring that various devices used on Sunday mornings have fully charged batteries.

• Supervise outside contractors and Church volunteers. Provide ongoing and supportive oversight in order to best utilize their skills and provide a friendly/supportive environment so that their work is performed in a timely, cost effective manner. Maintain a list of current contractors who can provide assistance when required and coordinate with volunteers who are interested in assisting with certain maintenance functions (yard work for example).

• Work with the Business Manager and the Property Chairperson. Obtain agreement/approval prior to authorizing any major expenses. Submit invoices to the Business Manager in a timely manner. Perform maintenance responsibilities as required in order to prevent major expenditures whenever possible.

• As time permits, make sure that certain “non-routine” activities are performed, including but not limited to stripping/waxing floors, steam cleaning carpets, washing woodwork, cleaning seldom used spaces, disposing of accumulated clutter, etc.

• Address these needs in a cheerful and helpful manner. Provide helpful support to church members, staff and others. This includes assisting with facility-related emergencies during the evening or on the weekend. In general, please take ownership of the entire facility and treat it as you would care for your own home.

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