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Interim Music Director

The Presbyterian Church of Wyoming, a neighborhood church with a 151-year history, is searching for an interim music director to help lead worship. Our church has changed temporarily due to the global pandemic. Our congregation has been taking COVID precautions seriously and has held services mostly online since March of 2020.

Starting in March 2021 we are planning ways to start gathering people back together as safely as possible. We desire an interim music director to help lead two weekly worship services this spring while we undergo a thorough search process to hire a permanent music director. We are planning for a 9:00 a.m. live streamed service with instrumental music only, and an outdoor, inter-generational worship service with easy to sing music (in masks) at 10:15 a.m. whenever weather permits. Our goal is to remain connected and inspired, despite the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, we held a contemporary service and a traditional worship service each Sunday. During COVID, we have mostly been worshiping online with a single Sunday service that includes elements of both styles. A permanent music director will help unify our two disparate worship programs. The interim director will help develop the live streamed and outdoor services with our co-pastors. PCW has preexisting technology and support for successful online services as well as maintenance staff and volunteers to help set up outdoor worship. If local COVID cases do not spike again, we will start inviting congregational members to be present indoors with limited capacity for the live streamed worship service in March. Starting Palm Sunday, we hope to strengthen community through participation in an outdoor worship service where attendance will not need to be limited.

Interim Music Director Job Description:

• Work with the pastoral staff and music and worship committee to creatively plan worship.

• Work with our skilled and versatile organist/accompanist

• Lead the breadth of musical styles present in the Presbyterian, Glory to God, hymnal

• Be the primary song leader for congregational hymns

• Teach vocal parts to volunteer singers. (We are hoping to begin outdoor, masked, choir rehearsals for choir members and other congregation members to learn parts for hymns and help lead congregational singing at our outdoor worship services. Knowing how to record and share video or audio of parts is preferable).

• Work with volunteer and occasional paid instrumentalists to bring variety to our live stream and outdoor worship services. Be able to conduct a praise band.

• If time and interest permit, reassemble the hand bell choir for occasional practices and contributions to worship. (The church owns four octaves of hand bells and had about 8 hand bell choir members pre-Covid.)

• Ensure our music selections are appropriately covered by our music licenses and report music usage to keep us compliant with copyright laws.

• Prerecord music as necessary for live stream and/or outdoor worship

• Strong keyboard skills are a preference •Select anthems or special music to support the themes of worship and the pastors’ message.

Time Commitment:

• Sunday mornings (3-4 hours): Two worship services plus rehearsing with worship participants •Worship Planning with staff (1 hour): This typically occurs at 10:30 on Tuesday mornings, but could be adjusted based on availability).

• Coordinating/practicing with musicians/singers (2-4 hours) Until there is widespread vaccine availability, we do not anticipate having full choir rehearsals. Instead, time would be used to coordinate with individuals or small groups based on everyone’s availability. We would like to start short, outdoor, masked rehearsals prior to the outdoor worship service on Sunday mornings.

• Administrative work (1 hour) – Choosing weekly and special music, submitting bulletin information, submitting reports to copyright licenses, etc.

To avoid a dual relationship, Presbyterian Church of Wyoming members are not eligible for this position. The interim music director is eligible to apply for the permanent music director position if their qualifications match with the permanent music director job description.

Start date could be as early as March 21st, however, start date is negotiable based on the availability of the candidate. Ideally we would have a candidate in place by mid to late April at the latest.

To apply please submit a resume to

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