PCW Elders

Elder Team Graphic

Our Elders are the governing body for our congregation and are elected by the congregation for three-year terms.  They are the spiritual leaders who guide us in worship, education, administration, mission and many other ways. You will see that all the Elders serve on a ministry team and that assignment is noted with their name. We are grateful for all their passionate faith and gifts that help us thrive as God’s people in Wyoming!

Jim Falkenstine, Personnel Team

Rob Keelor, Adult Discipleship & Communications

Maureen Miller, Hospitality & Fellowship

Skip Koesterman, Buildings & Facilities

Craig Theile, Nominating

Linda Voss, Missions Team

Anne Fischer, Worship Team

Joe Hornsby, Young Congregations Team

Leslie Mowry, Finance Team

Katie Towne, Young Congregations Team

Steve Wilson, Stewardship & Finance

Sarah Williams, Hospitality Team