Our Vision Statement:

Learning together to be followers of Jesus Christ, reflecting God's light into the world.

Who We Are

The Presbyterian Church of Wyoming is a community of faith whose members love to worship, learn, grow and serve God together.  We call ourselves PCW as a quick way to refer to a congregation filled with energy to impact our world with the love of God.  Our members are different in many ways, united by our faith in Jesus Christ and our commitment to loving God and our neighbors. PCW is a place of hospitality for all, and our ministries offer something for you no matter where you find yourselves on life’s journey.  We invite you to and experience PCW for yourself – we will share our life’s stories with you as we journey together. We look forward to meeting you!

What We Believe

Our congregation has been responding to the call of Jesus Christ to share the love of God to our world for 150 years.  We are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church (USA) which has been an active Christian witness in our nation for over 300 years. Our congregation’s Christian beliefs are rooted in the Reformation period of Church history and are best summarized in our Brief Statement of Faith.

Outside of Building

About The Presbyterian Church of Wyoming

The City of Wyoming (meaning Beautiful Valley to the Native Americans who nurtured this land) grew along Mill Creek and later the Miami-Erie Canal and. Settlers from the east coast were flocking to Pittsburgh along Forbes Trail and then onward via flatboat to Cincinnati, the first major city at the edge of the frontier.  North of the bustling city, these stalwart pioneers found home in what is known locally as, “the Valley Scots Irish ” Presbyterians were among the many German immigrants and other pioneers. They were undaunted in their desire to create a church in their small town.  At first, they walked the 1.5 miles to the Presbyterian Church in Lockland but muddy roads and flooded creeks encouraged them to build a church in Wyoming just below the well-used Native American trail now known as Springfield Pike.

These generations forged a steadfast character in these early Presbyterians. They weathered storms, fought in wars, braved economic and cultural challenges. Many of these PCW members became business and industrial leaders in the community.

Their strong faithful character is displayed in the classic stone structure that is the worship center today.  Every Sunday, the church is filled with music, joyful laughter, greetings, and stories of what God did in someone’s life. And many still walk to the church every Sunday!