Jesus told the people of his day to let the children come unto him and that is how we feel 100% here at PCW.  On Sundays we have several offerings for children and then several other opportunities that happen at various times throughout the week and the year.

Godly Play 
Godly Play is offered every Sunday during the 9 a.m. and 11 a.m. services. (except for communion Sunday every 2nd Sunday of the month).   Godly Play is offered to 4 years old – 5th grade. Godly Play is a unique approach to Christian education which invites children to explore and interact with Biblical stories. Children are encouraged to use curiosity as they wonder about God and their faith. While a lot of  religious education tells children what God did, in Godly Play children  discover who God is. It is based on the belief that children already experience the divine. Godly Play gives children the tools and words to explore this experience further in the context of a church community.

The nursery is open every Sunday morning from 9:00 a.m. – 1 p.m. for infants through 4 year olds. The nursery space, located between the Great Room and Sanctuary, also acts as a classroom during the week as part of the Lads & Lassies pre-school. This room is equipped with age appropriate hands-on materials. Once children get the lay of the land they delve fully into a new world of exploration. It is so exciting for  children that parents have a difficult time getting their kids out of the nursery. There is just so much to do! A paid nursery staff person along with a church volunteer are always in the room together to give extra special care to our precious little ones.

Communion Sunday 
The Presbyterian Church celebrates two sacraments: baptism and communion. So when communion comes around every second Sunday of the month, we take it very seriously! We encourage all of our youth, from the little preschoolers to the young adults, to participate. For this reason we do not offer Godly Play during communion Sundays. The nursery is open and available every Sunday for those that get a little bit fidgety.

Family Ministry 
Outside of weekly church attendance as a family, participation in youth group, and weekly bible study for adults, we do not offer additional weekly family ministry. This is on purpose. We know how busy our lives have become. Instead of adding yet another activity for your schedule, we opt to invite you to quarterly events aimed at fellowship with the entire family. Furthermore, we hope to support you and your family as you explore faith in the home. We have access to a plethora of
resources, from books to hand-outs to bible studies, that you can use in the home as a family. And if your family has a unique need we would love to help you find the unique solution! Please ask.