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A Note from Pastor Bob

On Monday evening, November 12, 2018, the Session of the Presbyterian Church of Wyoming received, with regret, the resignation of the Rev. Lisa Bernheisel, our Interim Associate Pastor.  During this past month, Pastor Lisa was presented with the opportunity to move to a “called” (permanent) position in Cincinnati. Interim positions in our Cincinnati Presbytery are always “temporary” and this opportunity provided Pastor Lisa with the opportunity to serve part-time but in a long term relationship as an Associate Pastor.  We celebrate Pastor Lisa’s presence and leadership at PCW in so many ways – Deacons, Women’s Ministry, Bible studies, preaching and so much more.
Our congregational “good-bye” for Pastor Lisa will be on Sunday, December 9th, at the 10 a.m. single service in the Great Room.  Pastor Lisa will preach and she will assist in the Lord’s Supper.  We will set aside a special time in the worship service to give Lisa our blessing as she leaves to serve God in a new part of Christ’s church.
The service will be followed by a lunch hosted by the Young Church Team and prepared by Mary Jo Peairs and the Thursday Morning Bible Study Group.  This will be a wonderful congregational gathering as we thank God for the special gift we were given in Pastor Lisa’s life and ministry.
Grace and Peace,
Bob Anderson

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